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Accreditation & Complaints Policy

HSL-AD Accreditation

HSL-Advanced Diagnostics is a UKAS Accredited Medical Laboratory (No. 9007).

Updated: 3rd May 2024

HSL-Advanced Diagnostics Complaints Policy

HSL-AD makes every effort to provide the best service to users and to maintain a high standard of quality at all times.

However, mistakes do occur and we are happy to receive any comments and to try to resolve any complaints. If you feel that the service we have provided is not up to an excellent standard then please contact our Head of Department, Quality Manager or any member of our management team.

Upon receipt, the initial complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days, and a thorough investigation, along with any necessary follow-up actions, will be completed within 30 days.

Internally, all complaints received will be shared and discussed at the Executive Director level where appropriate, aligning with our commitment to providing unsurpassed excellence of service. Additionally, non-conformance reports are available to affected customers upon request.

Updated: 3rd May 2024